NINO (Segway wheelchair)

Nino is a personal transporter, using the auto-stabilising technology built by Ninebot® (Seagway) as propulsion system, modified for the use of people with disabilities. Compact, light, colorful and comfortable, Nino highlights its user. On Nino, the star is you!

Price: from 13950 CAD
Quick Overview

Easy to operate using intuitive upper body leaning movements. Accelerate or brake just by moving your upper body forward or back. Steering is simple too, with just a light push left or right on the handlebar Nino can turn on a sixpence. The quick-stand triggered with a button, firmly secures Nino to the ground, enabling user to mount or dismount safely.

Compact, comfortable & lightweight (47,5 kg)

Intuitive, easy to ride and control

  • Obstacle crossing: up - 4 cm, down - 10 cm
  • Max climbing angle: 20%

Speed: Low: 4-10 km/h, High: 11-22 km/h

Autonomy: 20 to 35 km depending altitude and speed

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Android and iOS APP

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Innovative design,
made in France.

Design is an essential branch in Nino-robotics. We focus all our efforts on the customer and pay attention to every detail. We try to understand its behavior and how to move to continually improve our products.

Nino has an exclusive collaboration with Ninebot for the engines. Everything else is designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Nino has an integrated LED display that allows you to follow the essential information, connect it to your smartphone to display a real dashboard to control from A to Z your gyropod with the Ninedroid app!

Configure your gyropod, its sensitivity or maximum speed. Lock/unlock or check the battery status.

Get in the driver’s seat!
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